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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to receive my stems?

Most tracks are recorded within 48 hours of upload but we ask that you allow 5-10 days for our musicians to practise the music and record it to a professional standard. Longer or more difficult parts may take longer to record, but we will keep you up to date throughout the recording process.

How many instruments can I have?

As many as you like! If you want an instrument that we don't already offer contact us and we will find a musician to play the part.

Can I upload lead sheets?

Yes, lead sheets or chord sequences are fine. If you wish to have specify rhythmic patterns etc... then please make sure this is included, otherwise our performers will ad lib the part based on your guide track.

I don't know how to put together the sheet music. Can you help?

Yes! We work with many professional composers who can write your music from scratch, transcribe a part based on your guide or arrange/expand on your initial ideas. Find out more about our composition services by clicking here.

Can I ask the musicians to ad lib?

Yes of course our musicians are happy to ad lib/improvise but you will get what they record! We normally suggest that you submit full sheet music for every part so our musicians record exactly what you are after. But if you are not sure what you want then our musicians are more than happy to work out their own part based on your guide or reference track.

Do you offer free re-records?

We do not offer free re-records but we do send you 3 stems for every instrument giving you more flexability when mixing/editing. Our musicians will record the music exactly as you send it so please make sure you are happy with the sheet music and arrangement before you upload the parts.

What exactly will I receive?

You will receive 3 stems/takes as high quality WAV files for every part. These will be labeled 'instrument name 1' 'instrument name 2' etc... You can then drag and drop these into your project. Choose your favourite take, layer them or mix them together!

Can my track be longer than 5 minutes?

Yes your track can be as long as you like! For tracks that are longer than 5 minutes we ask you to contact us for a quote.

Can you record covers or arrangements?

Yes we can record anything you like! You own 100% of the rights so you can use the stems however you wish.

Do I have to pay you royalities?

No, once you receive your stems you own 100% of the copyright. We will not ask for a single penny in royalties. We do not even ask for a performance credit, but it's always nice when clients add us to their sleeve notes :)

Does the guide track needs a metronome click?

Yes please! Although we ask for the bpm for your song having the click embedded in your guide track will speed everything along. Just make sure you stay in time to it!

I don't want my music to be in strict time. How do I make a guide?

For compositions that have lots of rubato or tempo changes you can submit a conducting video instead of an audio guide. If you have made a midi mock-up as your guide track you can add a click with hand-claps, clicks or other percussion.

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